As world tourism grows, demand for Canadian product is accelerating at an even faster pace.  Tour operators, travel agents, group planners and receptive operators are discovering the many opportunities that Canada can offer their clients.  Canadascope’s mission is helping with the promotion of all segments of our vast inbound marketplace.  Whether your business is large or small, corporate or family owned, we are all part of Canada’s tourism image.

Before Canadascope, many Canadian marketers simply did not have the budget or the platform from which to tell their stories to a global audience.  International trade shows demand major expenditures and only cover a very specific segment of the world’s travel industry.

By the same token, while there is a reasonable amount of information on Canadian destinations available from many sources, nothing focuses as sharply on the needs of tour operators and travel agents etc., as Canadascope.

Canadascope is an all-Canadian offering a win-win situation for both sectors in the marketing chain.  Tour operators and travel planners around the world can find detailed information relative to product planning and the ever-growing interest in Canada.  Canadian marketers now have a highly effective and economical medium to reach their target market. 

Over the past fifteen years Canadascope has become recognized around the world as one of the major sources of all Canadian and only Canadian product information. Our current database of potential traffic generators consist of 57,000 trade professionals in one hundred and twenty-two countries.

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